Madagascar – Senegal : “Drinking water for my village!”

In many countries people die from a lack of access to safe drinking water rather than a lack of water itself. Often the only available water is surface water. This water is often turbid (with suspended solids) and always contaminated by pathogens. Low income populations in remote areas do not have access to drinking water.

Today the real challenge is to come up with efficient and easy to operate solutions.

The Aquasure Development Solution has been developed and tested since 2008 in rural regions of Madagascar and Senegal in order to reach these objectives. Based on a low capital, low operating cost, low maintenance, keep it simple system, totally integrated and managed by the community through a private operator and an education campaign.


The Aquasure Development Solution is based on 4 pillars:


  1. The private operator, man or woman from the village, trained and assigned to treat water daily and to sell it at an affordable price. He/she generates an additional daily revenue.  

2. The Aquasure treatment unit, manufactured locally, totally manual, robust, easy to operate and to maintain, it is connected to ground or surface water to treat up to 1000L/batch in one hour.


3. The TAB200, first tablet developed by AQUASURE, allows the treatment of 200L of muddy contaminated water through a sequenced double-action (1. clarification, then 2. disinfection).

4. The water, health and sanitation sensibilisation campaign targeting in priority children at school, mothers, healthcenters and the adult population at large, improves the involvement of the beneficiaries and maximises the impact on community health.

Beyong technology, change in comportment coupled with access to drinking water has a significant impact on health, absenteeism, and ultimately morbidity and mortality of the beneficiaries.