Frequently asked questions.

What is so unique and innovative about Aquasure ?

Aquasure is the first and only “all in one” water treatment tablet which works both on clear and muddy water. It has a unique feature to float on water and to release its active ingredients in a sequential way (patented). Not only it does both clarification and purification phases, but also it respects the delay (sequencing) between the two phases.

Aquasure unique features are particularly meaningful on surface waters and/or in clear water with suspended particles. It worth mentioning that, even on clear water it has the immense advantage of flocculating cysts (which are more resistant to simple chlorine products than bacteria’s) and flocculating 98% of Arsenic after filtration, and 87% of Manganese.

Finally, the double sequenced action allows for the clarification to take place before the disinfection phase starts, away from the flocs. It allows for the proper chlorine dosage as no chlorine would be trapped into the flocs. It avoids chlorine over dosage and risk of strong after taste and last but not least it reduces risk of production of chlorinated derivates (THM) harmful to the health.

Residual free chlorine, superior to 0,5 mg/L, is one of the key performance indicators of the proper disinfection. It will remain in the treated water, if properly stored away from sunlight, for 48 hours, continuing to protect water from harmful micro organism.

All these features makes Aquasure the “intelligent“ tablet !

What are Aquasure Tablets advantages ?

Practicity, efficiency, low cost solution

  • Rapid and easy to use. Without electricity, without complex filtration systems.
  • Easy to handle, specially designed for surface and ground waters.
  • Pre dosed tablet for 10L and 200L. No risk of over or under dosage. Reliable.
  • Easy to store. 36 month “shelf life” in original packaging.
  • Easy to transport by sea, air and land. Unlike chlorine this product has the unique feature to be classified non-comburant.
  • Welcomed by local populations due to its simplicity (logistical) and clean taste (without strong smell or taste of chlorine).


Effectiveness at work: a broad range of efficiency

  • Thanks to its sequenced double action it results into a reduction of chlorinated derivatives. The sequenced double action makes it also possible to reduce by 50 % the amount of active chlorine necessary for disinfection.
  • The chlorinated agent used, NaDCC, is very effective by releasing hypochlorous acid (disinfectant).
  • Residual free chlorine between 0,5 and 0,8 mg/L, in line with WHO standards, ensures a good continuous effect of over 48 hours.



  • Effective on a broad spectrum of pH ranges from 5 to 8,5.
  • Temperature of broad spectrum treatment from 2 to 32 °C +.
  • Broad turbidity spectrum from 0 to 2000 NTU.



  • Broad spectrum of effectiveness on the viruses, bacteria, parasitic protozoa.