New TAB10

Health at home!





New generation of household water treatment tablet.
Efficient on 10L of clear or muddy contaminated water.



« 2 in 1 » tablet, combining last
state of the art expertise.



Better protection, easy to use
in varied situations.



Optimum impact at family level.



Natural disasters, humanitarian emergencies

Sanitary crisis, epidemic, fight against malnutrition

Access to drinking water in rural and/or isolated area

Moving populations, refugee camps

AQUASURE technology.

The innovation consists of a double-layered tablet allowing the treatment of unclean contaminated water by means of a sequenced double action that reproduces the two phases of industrial water treatment process:

(1) Clarification Once the tablet has been introduced into the unclean contaminated water, the layer containing the flocculation agents (ferric sulphate) dissolves instantly; this in turn agitates the liquid to distribute the flocculation agents in a homogeneous way. Due to the flocculation agents and coagulants, the suspended particles combine to form flocs which become denser than water and settle naturally at the bottom of the container.

(2) Disinfection Once the flocculation phase is finished (water becomes clear), the layer containing the chlorinated agent (NaDCC) gradually releases chlorine into the water and performs the disinfection. The layer containing the disinfectant agent has the special feature of floating on the water’s surface, allowing chlorine to be released at a safe distance from the flakes, thus avoiding the development of chlorine derivatives. Chlorine is released at the surface for a better disinfection.

The AQUASURE tablet does not guarantee the elimination of chemical pollutants.

Who we are working with.

Health actors testimonials.

The test of the water treatment tablet AQUASURE TAB10, implemented for three months (from January to April 2016) in Gae Ross Bethio, in the region of Saint Louis, allowed to highlight the points bellow:

• The tablet allows a very good decantation;
• The efficiency of the treatment with a turbidity of treated water bellow 5 NTU and a residual free chlorine of minimum 0,2 mg/L;
• The good mixing of the water for 5 minutes is a very important phase that needs to be done for the success of the treatment;
• The good phasing in the dissolution of the 2 layers of the tablet.
We would be pleased to see the communities using surface water without efficient treatment, being equipped with Aquasure products as it is a very interesting alternative to improve the quality of drinking water.


Beidy Diop

Sanitary engineering expert - Chief of quality department, SNH - National Hygiene Service - Senegal

The AQUASURE mobile water treatment unit is simple, efficient and really mobile, which is a need for our missions in the field to reach most isolated places on short notice.


President, FIRE Association - French International Rescue Experts

Testimonial collected at the end of TAB10 field test in North Senegal:

Dr Kalidou KONTE

Chief regional doctor, Health department of Saint Louis - Senegal

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